The Best Cosmetic surgeon SEO in London

If you are a cosmetic surgeon in London or anywhere in the UK, and you cannot be found in Google by people that are actively searching for a surgeon? you are missing out on tens and possibly hundreds of thousands of pounds in revenue every year. Cosmetic surgeon seo or plastic surgeon seo is very important to guarantee your long term success.

The surgeons that show up on the first page (your competition) of Google will get all the traffic from these searches, which can amount to very substantial profits.

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Before you do that, check out this live case study on some extremely competitive keywords we rank for.

Plastic Surgeon SEO Live Case Study

Lets look at some cosmetic surgery seo in action in this case study.

I decided to go ahead and rank a website I own for keywords based around rhinoplasty. As you will find out as you read on, these are some of the most competitive and searched for rhinoplasty keywords in London and the UK.

The website ranks on page 1 in Google for over 30 different rhinoplasty and nose job keywords that people are searching for every day.

We will focus on just 5 keywords for this case study.

(July 2015 UPDATE: All these keywords now rank higher than they appear in the below pictures)


Keyword 1: “best rhinoplasty surgeon london”
Average Searches per month: 190

cosmetic surgeon seo expert


Keyword 2: Best rhinoplasty surgeon UK
Average searches per month: 590

evidence 4


Keyword 3: best nose surgeon london
Average searches per month: 70

evidence 17


Keyword 4: top rhinoplasty surgeon london
Average searches per month: 80

evidence 1

Keyword 5: best nose job surgeon london
Average searches per month: 50

evidence 9


That is just 5 out of well over 30 keywords that those 2 pages on that website rank for in Google.

Altogether that is 980 searches from people looking for rhinoplasty, all from just 5 keywords. And we rank on page 1 for all of them. This is not to mention the 25 other keywords as well.

One rhinoplasty patient can be worth from £2500 up to £5000 to your business, so it is easy to do the math here and see just how profitable it can be, to be on the first page of Google.

Lets say for instance half of that traffic arrives at your site:

So 980/2= 440

Then lets say only 5% of that 440 converts to a customer.

5% of 440 = 22

22 x £2500 = £55000

How does £55000 a month in extra revenue sound to you? remember that this is on the low end of calculations as well. This is the type of money that your surgery is missing on month after month, year after year.

All these profits are going directly to your competition which is allowing your competition to scale there businesses up and scale there brand names much further than your own.

Cosmetic surgery seo can significantly boost your profits. The fact is SEO for your business can be very powerfull and profitable. The return on investment is like no other marketing effort out there.

We can help you dominate your competition. Fill out our discovery form or call “07534916679 ” to get started with a seo consultant london. (Leave a message if I don’t answer.)