The importance of backlinks

Backlinking is the backbone of good and effective search engine optimisation. Backlinks are what gradually push your website up to the first page in Google. Backlinks are so powerful that even if you don’t have the exact match keywords present on your page, having those keywords as the anchor text for your back links can push you right to the first position in the search engines.

How do backlink’s work

Its pretty simple, back links act as a vote of confidence and trust from other sites. For example it is similar to how you would refer your friends to a business you like. The more people that refer to that business then the more trust that business will receive. This in turn will increase that businesses customer base and will allow it to grow.

The same holds true for SEO and getting backlinks from other websites pointing at your own websites. These backlinks are votes of confidence that the content on your website is important and popular. Google sees this and then begins to rank you higher in there search engine so that more people can see your content and read it. After all if other websites are linking to your own this means that whatever content you have on there, is definitely worth reading.

Relevant Backlinks

Relevant backlinks will significantly boost how well your website ranks in the Google search engines.

What is a relevant backlink? a relevant backlink is a link pointing to your website from another website of the same, or similar topics to your website. So for example if your website is about football, and 3 other websites that are also about football link to your website, then that means your website is an important football website. This amounts to huge huge ranking boosts in the search engine results. If you can get just 5 relevant backlinks pointing back to your website this can significantly improve your Google search rankings very quickly.

Spammy Backlinks

This is a websites worst nightmare and can lead to all types of google penalisation. You need to avoid these kind of links at all costs, unless of course you are using super authority domains, which is something for another post.

Spammy backlinks can have a temporary or permanent affect on your website. Spammy backlinks are links that are form low quality websites such as gambling, adult content etc. They are normally built by automated tools and allot of people use them because they are cheap to acquire and easily accessible. At vertical rank we would say to stay away from automated tools. not only do they send a mass volume of spammy links to your website but once you have sent these spammy links they are near impossible to remove. they are not in your control.

PBN Backlinks

in the section before this we spoke about relevant backlinks and just how powerfull they are. The best way to create these relevant backlinks is of course by use of a private network, but what is a private blog network you say?

A private blog network is a group of websites that you own. You can then use these websites to send backlinks to your money sites, clients sites etc. These links are extremely powerfull and are responsible for allot of the high rankings you see today in googles search engines. If you have a good enough pbn network you can literally dominate almost any search.

Metrics of Backlinks

This section determines how powerful a backlink is. There are a few ways to measure the power of a backlink. Back in the day we used PR also known as page rank. Pagerank is now extinct and Google hasent updated it in over a year, at time of this witting.

Today metrics such as CF-citation flow, TF-trust flow, DA-domain authority, PA-page authority etc, are used to measure the strength and trust a domain has.

Each of these metrics are on the scale of 0-100. The higher the metric the better. You will routinely see that the websites dominating the search engines on page 1 are websites that have high domain authority. This metric is the power of the home page of a website. Having a powerful domain will also make your inner pages rank highly in the serps as well.

anchor text and anchor text ratio

anchor text is the text used to make the backlink. In todays google algorithm if a high percentage of your anchor text is one single keyword this can lead to your website being penalised and a huge decrease in rankings. Sometimes this can also result in being completely removed from the serps.