What is seo

Search engine optimisation, also abbreviated as SEO is the act of getting traffic from the organic listings of a search engine.  You target keywords specific to you business or website and then choose what you will do with that traffic.

It could be trying to sell to them, getting them to fill out a form or simply just to read your page and spread the word. Whatever it is, SEO is extremely powerfull. Being on the first page in Google is extremely powerful. So much so that people spend 43.7 billion dollars to be there with google adwords.

watch this vidoe to understand SEO a bit more.

SEO can truly do wonders for your business. Take advantage of the organic search engine rankings and you could be saving an awful lot of money in the process from spending thousands on google adwords.

Whats more is, when people see your website in the natural organic rankings, It will appear that google trusts your website.